The Best Dog Beds For Mastiffs

The Best Dog Beds For Mastiffs The largest breed of dog in the world is the English Mastiff, a true gentle giant.  It has been said that the Mastiff is to the dog as the lion is to the cat.  They are affectionate yet protective guard dogs that can weigh as much as 195 pounds. 

The Best Kennels For Mastiffs

When it comes to choosing the best kennels for mastiffs then your main concerns have to be that they are big enough to provide them with more than enough space to move around as well as being sturdy enough to house them. It does mean you are best to just look past the average kennel

The Brazilian Mastiff – A Great Guard Dog

The Brazilian Mastiff The Brazilian Mastiff, also referred to as the Fila Brasileiro is a rare molosser breed. It was bred in Brazil and is a cross between Bloodhounds and Mastiffs brought from Portugal and Spain. Initially, this great dog was bred to guard Brazil’s plantations. But, since then they have been a loyal companion

The English Bullmastiff

The English Bullmastiff The English Bullmastiffs are a breed of domestic dogs with a solid build and short muzzle. They were originally developed by the British gamekeepers of the 19th century to guard their estates and to immobilize poachers. The English Bullmastiffs are very quiet dogs and they rarely bark.  History of The English Bullmastiff Most

The French Mastiff

Facts You Need To Know About The French Mastiff The French Mastiff also referred as Dogue de Bordeaux is a dog breed originally from France. The Mastiff is a highly regarded dog with qualities such as an imposing presence and balanced temperament. The French Mastiff  is a powerful and fearless dog that is both excellent at guarding
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