The Best Collars For Mastiffs

The Best Collars For Mastiffs

Many dog owners believe that the best collars for Mastiffs are made by the company Dean & Tyler. They specialize in producing handmade neoprene nylon and high quality leather products for large breeds. Besides collars, they also make leather and nylon harnesses that are great for walking as well as obedience training. Recognizing the difficulty in finding adequate products for larger dogs, Dean & Tyler is filling that niche with high quality products. Their dog collar styles range from simple to stylish to utilitarian. This company has only been around since 1998. There are not that many online reviews of their Mastiff collars, but the one that are available are very positive.

Their most popular product on line is the large size Dean & Tyler All Weather Dog Harness. This European made multi-purpose harness features an easy release buckle and heavy duty stitching. According to those who chose to review this product on line, this is a great product. The very small number of complaints include a customer who was upset that their dog chewed through the leather. That is a behavior issue and will happen with any leather dog product. Almost every other customer gave this harness a five star rating. It is comfortable for the dog, and is reported to have a calming effect. It is also easy to put on and remove. Worth noting, the company’s customer service received very positive feedback as well.

Herm Sprenger is a well- respected name in obedience training collars. The Dean & Tyler Sprenger Large Fur Saver Collar is one of many Sprenger products offered by the company. It is offered as an effective and safe alternative to choker collars by applying even pressure to the neck and pinching the skin. Unlike chokers, there is no directly applied pressure to the dog’s trachea. This high quality German dog collar is easily adjustable with removable chrome plated links. The number of reviews for this product is small, but it has received high marks so far from dog owners who have trouble finding collars for their large dogs.

Dean & Tyler also offers the Herm Sprenger Choke Collar. This 3mm choke collar is available in sizes up to 28”. It is made of chrome plated steel and comes with a life time warranty. According to reviews, you will notice the quality of this collar as soon as you hold it in your hand.

Finding the best collars for Mastiffs can be a chore. Any product specifically for large dog breeds can be difficult to find. Dean & Tyler are specialists when it comes to products for dogs as big as Mastiffs. They carry a full line of large collars, harnesses, muzzles, and leashes. They also have a comprehensive inventory of professional dog training products including bite suits and bite sleeves. If you are looking for products for your beloved Mastiff, you will find everything you need at Dean & Tyler. A major supplier in Europe, D&T has just recently entered the American market. Try them out and see for yourself why many consider them the best.

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